Request: Blinkie

Before submitting your request, please be sure to read through our guidelines below:

  • Wolfpack requests only: PrintingPaws is a wolf-centric site, and while we don't mind including OCs, any graphics we make will focus on members of the wolfpack in their standard wolf or all human roles.
  • Attribution (credit) is required.  Although most of our work will include the artist's signature mark, when used on any website where text can be added, please be sure to include a linked credit our site/banner maker for the design.
  • One week turnaround time.  We are often able to complete work more quickly, but please allow us 7 days in which to complete your request before contacting us. 
  • Edits within reason.  If something about the graphic we create doesn't work for you, just let us know, and we will gladly make some adjustments.  Please be as specific as possible, though, as we will only rework a graphic twice before moving on to the next pending request.
  • Images you provide may not be used.  Some images are simply not suitable for design due to problems with color, tone, size, resolution, etc.  When necessary, we will use similar images to create your graphics with the best possible quality.
  • Right of refusal.  Please remember that our artists volunteer their time and talents to help fellow wolfpack lovers, but they are not obligated to do so.  We reserve the right to turn away any requests we feel we cannot adequately complete, as well as those with which we are not comfortable working. If an author requests a graphic under false pretenses, we reserve the right to request its removal. We reserve the right to request any author at any time remove one of our graphics. If you choose to pull a story, please contact us.
  • Authors reserve the right to remove their content from any site they wish. We ask that if this occurs, you inform us so that we may decide what to do with the graphic. If the story/profile is pulled from the fandom, understand that the graphic may be posted for adoption.
  • If you request/adopt a graphic that is never posted, we reserve the right to place the graphic for adoption.When we customize a graphic for you, the expectation is that it will be posted with a story, or as part of a photo album, or visual inspiration. We will contact you prior to posting the graphic to the adoption center, but if we repeatedly find that any author is not displaying the graphic, we reserve the right to allow someone else to adopt the piece.