Wednesday, April 10, 2013

*Affiliate post* JBNP 4 Autism

What is JBNP 4 Autism?

The goal of this fundraiser is to help support a cause that affects many of our members. We hope that by not only raising money to fund research, we will also increase awareness within our membership, and spread information about how they can engage with activities within their community.

How will JBNP 4 Autism work?

It’s all about donating - time, O/S’s, graphics and money.
We will ask first for contributions in the form of one-shots and graphics from our members. These one-shots and banners have only have a few restrictions:
  • Minimum of 1000 words, maximum of 10,000.
  • Any pairing, AU or AH, but one main character must be a wolf from the saga.
  • Any theme, as long as it adheres to JBNP Content Rules.
  • Does not need to be beta’ed, but it is recommended. Please check out our Beta’s Den for assistance.
  • Printing Paws has graciously agreed to provide banners for any author that requests one, but you may, of course, request a banner from any artist you choose. Other volunteer artists can be found in the participants list. Authors do not need to have a graphic to submit a one-shot.
  • The O/S and graphics may not be uploaded elsewhere until after the time periods set by the admins. After that date, O/S’s and graphics may be posted anywhere the author or artist chooses. We only ask that you include in your summary or description that it was a piece donated to JBNP 4 Autism, and direct your followers to check out Autism Speaks so that we may continue the cycle of education and spreading public awareness.
  • Authors may submit as many O/S as they like, but we ask that you submit no more than one collab. One-shots must be new and not previously published. Outtakes are allowed, as are lemons. However, multiple submissions does not earn you more than one copy of the compilation.
  • Graphics should be submitted in conjunction with a one-shot.
During the contribution period, one-shots and their corresponding graphics will be collected via the JBNP Alpha email account. Anyone wishing to participation by donating money will give directly to Autism Speaks via their secure site. We ask for minimum donations of $5. Once the donation is made, we ask that a copy of the emailed receipt be forwarded to the JBNP Alphas email account to confirm your contribution. Donation amounts will remain anonymous, but following the donation period, a list will be published thanking everyone who participated.
The donated one-shots and graphics will be compiled into a PDF that will be distributed to those that participated, including the authors and artists that submitted work.

Important Dates:

  • Donation period begins: April 10th, 2013 -- This includes:
  • Donation period ends: Friday, May 10th, 2013 at midnight PST.
  • Compilation distributed: Monday, May 13th
  • One-shots and graphics may be posted online by authors and artists no earlier than June 6th.

 To Submit:

  • Authors: Please contact the Alphas to state your interest in participating with this fundraiser so that we may document contributors. Please contact Printing Paws or the artist of your choice directly to request your graphic. Then submit your completed one shot, including graphic and the following information to
    • author name
    • name of beta/pre-reader
    • artist that contributed any graphic
    • a one to two sentence summary
    • disclaimer
    • pairing
    • a rating that includes any necessary warnings for graphic content.
  • Artists: If you wish to contribute by offer your banner services, please contact the Alphas directly so that we may add you to a public list for authors to access. Please note that you must submit a graphic entry in combination with a one-shot in order to receive a copy of the compilation.
  • Members: submit your donation to Autism Speaks via their secure site, then forward a copy of your email receipt to to confirm your donation.
    • Authors and artists may also contribute monetarily to the cause.


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