Sunday, January 19, 2014

Winner of Paws & Art 3.0

These are the winners of Paws & Art 3.0...

1st Place

Heartbreaker by Mmsimpy09

Out of Reach by Feebes

2nd Place

Without You by CayStar

3rd Place

Stay by Kraftychik

Judges' Choice: 

Give It to Me by AJ Costo

Congratulations to all the winners and all the writers!!
Below the cut, you can see the entries with the authors revealed.

Give It to Me by AJ Costo

Heartbreaker by Mmsimpy09

Kiss Me Out of Desire by mrstrentreznor

Out of Reach by Feebes

Stay by Kraftychik

The Darkest Side of Me by AndiCullen104
Without You by CayStar


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