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Interview with Don'tcallmeLeelee

Printing Paws began back in 2011, under the artistic eye of Don'tcallmeLeelee. As she expands her art into other fandoms, she has stepped away as head of Printing Paws. To share her vision as it mixes with mine, she took some time to interview me for her personal blog, Don'tcallmeLeelee's Beautiful Mess.

She is amazing, both artistically and personally. She is well loved throughout the Twi-fandom - and for good reason!! Please take the time to check out her blog, as well as our talk together, and learn more about us as people, artists, and our journey as founding artists of Printing Paws!!

Excerpt from the interview as seen on DCMLL's Beautiful Mess:

Q: Printing Paws! Just the topic I was looking for to talk about! PP was a project we started together which you are in charge of now. Would you mind describing what's the blog about for all the people who haven't heard about the site?

A: Printing Paws is the first wolf-centric graphics request site. Authors or wolf girls can request buttons, story banners, manips, blinkies, or backgrounds for their site profiles, twitter, profile pics, etc etc. We also have an adoption center, where authors can choose a pre-made banner to have customized for their story. Most of what we get are requests for banners for stories, but we’ve done other things as well!

We’ve also done challenges, for both writers and artists. Paws & Art has been hosted 3 times now. In this challenge, authors are asked to write O/S’s inspired by our adoptable banners. We’ve also had graphics challenges, where artists are given a prompt and asked to create a banner based on that prompt.

AND!! I have to say thank you to you as well - I’ve been so very glad to have worked with you. You’ve done so many amazing things, for both me and the Twi art world. You are well loved, and for good reason!! As the founder of PP, you’ve given me so many good things to work with and to continue to build on.

Q: Oh, thanks! Since the moment I saw your work, you had me, and I wanted you for this project so I should be the one thanking you for accepting coming on board! So tell us, you've just started as the head-admin of the project, are there any new things going on in the blog?

A: Right now I’m working on getting everything up to date. The fandom is always changing! I’d like to add some more affiliates, especially personal blogs and websites. So many authors have their own spaces where they post, and I’d like to work together to get more traffic to the authors that have helped us so much in the past.

Q: That sounds fantastic! The blog was quite lonely for a long time, it'll be great to see it coming to life again! What should we check out on the blog?

A: Definitely! We’ve just updated and added new adoptables in our Adoption Center.

And people should check out our past challenges and contests. We’ve had some amazing entries!! They can find those under our “Challenges” drop down menu.

All of our Paws & Art entries and winners can be found on the blog.

Q: Any future plans for the site?

A: I’m also interested in working on some art-only awards in the fandom. As the first (and I still think only!) wolf pack graphics site, I’d like to bring some more recognition to artists in the fandom. Every Twi Awards I’ve seen focuses almost completely on authors, and I’d like to do something to spotlight the artists, and give authors a chance to say “THANK YOU” to the artists that have helped them by nominating their work.

Q: Oh, that would be amazing! There are so many talented and hard-working artists and so little recognition in awards! Apart from the awards, is there anything else you'd like to share about the site?

A: As I mentioned, I’d love to add some new affiliates, especially authors who’ve opened their own blogs. I’d also love new ideas about projects, features, etc that people would like to see. I’d also like to bring in some new artists - being out of the fandom for the last few months, I’m not sure who the new artists are!!

Q: Authors, if you have a blog, contact her for affiliation! Come on!

There's more to read on her amazing blog, Don'tcallmeLeelee's Beautiful Mess!! And don't forget to follow her blog to keep up with all her amazing art, as well as other features and interviews!

Read the interview in it's entirety -- HERE

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Don'tcallmeleeleeand, and golden girl (you too) are probably the only two banner artists that I trusted to turn out what I envisioned for my stories. I appreciate both of you.
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