Monday, April 7, 2014

*Adopted Banner* Fit For Love by Jake's Girl

Title: Fit For Love
Author: Jake's Girl
Summary: Fitness careers, fit friends, fit lives, doesn't always make us Fit For Love. They finally find each other, soul mates. But, when one of them pulls away, will the other survive the heartbreak ? And in the end, will whats left of them all, even be, Fit For Love ? All Human - Non-Canon - OOC - Bad Boy Jake grows up - times of Bella & Paul & Jake & Leah Bonus! Fit & Healthy Billy!
Link: FFn

to see more of her work click here.

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Thanks Janice! When I saw you post that adoptable - I thought it was beautiful! Wish we had a beautiful place to decorate and display all the wonderful, talented works you and so many of the other girls have. Thanks again. You've always been such a blessing. HUGS

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