Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Non-Canon Awards - Voting Open!

Two of our site artists and admins, Don'tcallmeLeelee and goldengirl2707 have been nominated in the art categories for The Non-Canon Awards!

Come vote and check out all the other AWESOME wolf girls that have been nominated, including:
Mrstrentreznor, Taoist Elf, feebes86, CayStar, mama4dukes, ysar, Cat (Rhodes11), ChrissiHR, meliz875, WhiteWolfLegend, SparklingFae, Jake's Girl, KraftyChik, Maddie-the-Muse, pegasus5406, NikkiB1973, Courtney Howlett, Willow2883, AndiCullen104, Zoe1078, Call Me Mrs. Meraz, Justagirl28, kerigocrazy, evieeden, Mmsimpy09, Mist, Lady of Spain, and all the other deserve nominees!!!

Support your wolf pack and go vote today!! 
Voting link ---> HERE


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