Monday, August 4, 2014

Congrats to PP Artists in the #OccupyArtStreet Awards!

Congrats to Don'tcallmeLeelee and goldengirl2707 for their wins in the #OccupyArtStreet Awards!

Also congrats to several previous site artists for their wins - ysar, PMU, lakeblackwater92, 
WC Angel and LaPush Starlight!

See the complete list of winners --> HERE

Congrats to all those artists recognized in the awards - You're all winners to us!!

All Time Favorite Artist

All Time Best Manipulation

Best Representation of a Story in a Graphic

Most Festive

Hottest Story Banner

Best Nail Biter Story Banner

Most Romantic/Emotional Story Banner

Best Tear-Jerker Story Banner

Best Slash Story Banner

Raciest Love Triangle/Poly Story Banner

Forbidden Love Wolf/Vamp Story Banner

Hottest Photo Manipulation

Best Poly/Slash Photo Manipulation

Best Forbidden Love Wolf/Vamp Photo Manipulation


Most Eligible Bachelor (Or Bachelorette!) Adoptable Banner


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