Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy birthday, Don'tcallmeLeelee!

Happy Birthday
Printing Paws Owner & Founder
Thank you for all you've done!
Love, your fellow PP staff!

Friends and fans were asked to send in well wishes for DCMLL, and she deserves all the love!

I hope you have a lovely birthday, you truly deserve it! Over my time in the fandom I've been privileged enough to meet some amazing ladies...and you my darling, are one of them! Thank you so much for all of your help, little graphics for my chapters and your general kindness in making me things when I've hit road blocks! 
You are one in a million, honey! Have an amazing day! <3 

Happy Birthday! Wishing you a fantastic day ;]
Salvatore Black

Stells!! Happy Birthday my gorgeous chica!! Wish you the best on this birthday, lots of love hun!
- Laura Steudel, a.k.a. Laurazuleta18

Best wishes for a beautiful day and a wonderful year!  Your site is unique and amazing, so I can only assume you are too :)  Happy Birthday!
- Aunt Bran

Stella, you didn't tell me it was your birthday on the 19th. So happy birthday, and I leave you with:
Have a great one!
Star (aka Lady of Spain)

DCMLL – thank you so much for making awesome and completely perfect banners for me! I hope you have a fantastic birthday, surrounded by people and things that make you happy. Love, MTR

Happy Birthday! Eat lots of cake, make a really good wish, and have a wonderful day!
Shae (2Shaes)

From Mmsimpy09

Happy Birthday Stella, a little love from Beautiful Creatures. ♥pmu

From Krafty and friends at

Dear Stella,
Wishing you all the best for your birthday won't be enough, because you deserve way more than that.
You are one of the most talented person I've ever met, either in graphic or with your words. You're kind, passionate, and I feel really blessed to know you.
I selfishly wish that you share your talent with us for the longest and that we'll be able to see each other very soon!
Happy birthday Sweetheart! Lot of love from France and enjoy your day!

Stella, you are a wonderful friend! I wanted to wish you the very best on your birthday because you deserve nothing but the best. I know we don't speak often anymore, but just know I'm always thinking about you! Love you, sweetheart. Happy birthday love, CeeCee

My thoughts are with you! Hope you have a wonderful bday - and hopefully you know how much I care and thank you for all you've done! - Jake's Girl

Wish you the very best BIRTHDAY and I value what an amazingly supportive friend you've has always been. I am toasting you now! CHEERS! BEST wishes. Happy Birthday HUGS, Maria (aka jakejunkie)


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