Friday, November 15, 2013

Paws & Art 3.0

Our writing contest Paws & Art 3.0 is coming soon! This time with some changes. In past contests, we provided only Printing Paws' adoptable banners. This time, we are adding more artists' work. For that matter, we are looking for your adoptable banners (banners which aren't attached to any story). We
want them all!


- Banners must contain at least one member of the Twilight wolfpack.
- Banners must be titled. That is, you can add a name to it or a 'Title here'. This is to prevent people from stealing. example here
- You can send as many banners as you want.
- Banner submission: November 11th 2013 – November 20th, 2013
- You must send your entries to: with the following information:

Title (if it has a title):

Portfolio (link us to where we can see more of your work -blogger, photobucket, etc.):

+ We suggest that all artists who want to enter their banners have in count we have a winner's announcement date (December 24th, 2013), that we can't wait. Dec. 21st is the last day to vote, so on Dec. 22nd we'll contact you with the title and penname. You must be quick in the return of your banner. If you think you won't have time, we suggest you don't send any banners.

The writing challenge will start soon, meanwhile, check out the rules and banners here.


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